About SWLA

Welcome to Summit Women's Lacrosse Association

The Summit girl’s lacrosse programs have a rich tradition of developing the community’s children through success on the lacrosse field.  This success is not measured in wins and losses but more importantly through the character, sportsmanship, leadership and camaraderie that is instilled and developed in each athlete.  

Many girls have found success in college and in life long after their playing days at Summit.

The Summit Women’s Lacrosse Association seeks to provide the head coach of the women’s program at Summit High School with discretionary resources beyond what is in the school budget.

We are proud and inspired by what the Summit High School lacrosse program has brought to the players and community at large over the years.  It is our hope that we can provide additional financial resources for our high school coaching staff to continue sustaining the lacrosse program in a manner that makes Summit residents proud, as one that other communities would aspire to.



Elizabeth Fagan  President

Jane Meyer  Vice President

Tim McGhee  Treasurer

Sue Cuny Roberts Secretary

Kourtney Matter    At- Large Member




P.O. Box 1600, Summit, NJ 07902